Computer Repair

Computers generate a lot of heat. If your desktop or laptop is overheating, it could be damaging internal components and you won’t know it until it’s too late. An overheating computer could simply be getting much hotter than it used to, or it may even be shutting down. Common overheating problems include your laptop shutting down after 15-20 minutes of use, or turning off when you try to watch videos or perform other graphics intensive processes. If this happens too often or the problem goes on unsolved, your graphics chip may burn out and your computer will turn into an expensive paperweight. Don’t let this happen! Let us help! Here are a few notes about how we address overheating laptops:

  • Your fan is the likely culprit – The fan is the only moving part in charge of cooling your laptop. If the laptop is overheating, this is the first place you should look. Whether the fan needs to be cleaned or replaced, we can help!
  • Thermal paste may need to be reapplied – Your computer transfers heat from the CPU/GPU through the heat sink and out of your laptop. Thermal paste allows the heat to transfer properly, but occasionally the thermal paste may dry up! If this is the case, we can help!
  • Heat stroke kills – Don’t let your laptop become a victim of the heat. If you’re having heat issues with your laptop, let us help before it’s too late. We know that overheating laptop problems come in all shapes and sizes. If you’d like more information about this service, don’t hesitate to contact us! Feel free to give us a call or fill out our Ask a Question form and one of our trained managers will be happy to help!

VoIP Solutions

Whether you are looking to save money on your old phone lines or enhance your phone system, WAV Solutions can address your needs. Most customers do not understand the difference between VoIP and standard telephone lines or a PBX phone system. Do you need an on-premise system or would your company benefit from a cloud based solution? Each have their own pros and cons, plus unique requirements based on each company’s location and resources. Before any proper migration or upgrade, a survey must be performed and any existing telecom bills reviewed. Contact us today to request a survey!

Surveillance Systems

Call us now to make an appointment with one of our security specialist.  We will come to your home or office and perform a thorough inspection before providing a written quote.  With any surveillance system install there are a variety of factors to consider such as:

  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Hardware MountingAccessibility
  • Visible Coverage
  • Indoor or Outdoor (Weatherproof/Night Vision)
  • Quality vs. Quantity
  • PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom )vs. Static Cameras
  • DVR Recording Time
  • Mobile App Compatibility

Server Management

Many businesses still require an on-premise e-mail or database server for efficiency and security reasons. This is a WAV specialty!  We have several managed server customers that rely heavily on their servers and our support.  Microsoft Servers require routine maintenance, backup integrity checks and disaster recovery procedures setup by a certified professional. With customized packages based on your needs, we can remote manage and monitor any server securely.  Contact us today for a free network assessment.

Network Infrastructure

A common misconception is that a good Antivirus software installed on your workstations is all you need to secure your network. Most end user do not understand how these security applications work. Even if the security software you purchased comes with a software based Firewall feature, you are never fully protected against network intrusion. By default, many of these software Firewalls leave local File Sharing open to prevent problems from changing user preferences after setup.

Like a house, your security starts by locking the doors to your network. This requires a layer 7 hardware Firewall with intrusion detection. For this, we highly recommend the Meraki MX Series product line.

Contact us today for a free network assessment.

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